LANSING — This week, LARA will be holding a public hearing on a set of rules that could limit licensed professional counselors' ability to diagnose and use certain counseling and psychotherapy techniques. House Bill 4325 was introduced earlier this year to resolve current ambiguity over which professionals are allowed to make diagnoses legislatively, without limitations that could adversely affect licensed professional counselors and their patients. In support of HB 4325, state Rep. Isaac Robinson (D-Detroit) issued the following statement:

“We need more mental health professionals tending to the needs of Michiganders, not fewer. The rule changes proposed by LARA put the health and safety of our residents at risk. We need clarification on the scope of an LPC’s purview, but not at the risk of shrinking the number of people able to practice and serve their communities. Mental health care access for thousands of Michiganders is at stake. The Legislature is already working on a solution, and LARA should follow our lead.”