LANSING — State Rep. Terry Sabo (D-Muskegon) announced today that the supplemental budget bill passed by the House of Representatives on Wednesday, includes nearly $1.5 million for Muskegon communities. House Bill 4321 included $175 million for the Michigan Department of Transportation budget effective immediately. This means road repairs can begin now instead of local governments having to wait until the fiscal year 2018-19 begins in October.

“As a former member of the Muskegon Road Commission, I am thrilled to see much-needed new road funding coming to the cities of Muskegon, Muskegon Heights, North Muskegon and the Muskegon County Road Commission. But as a state legislator, I am disappointed that it has taken so long for this Republican administration to realize the dire condition of our local roads and the critical need for this extra funding,” said Sabo. “While this money is necessary, it is not enough to cover all the repairs and maintenance that our roads urgently need right now.”

The city of Muskegon will receive $329,921. The city of Muskegon Heights will receive $87,637. The city of North Muskegon will receive $29,142. Muskegon County will receive $1,049,451. 

“My communities need this extra money for local roads, but my communities also need the state to support them and understand their priorities,” said Sabo. “Until local priorities become state priorities, we’ll continue to play catch-up on road repairs every winter when the thaw starts, the potholes get worse, and drivers start scraping money together to replace tires and fix broken axles.”