LANSING, Mich., July 8, 2022 — In his continued dedication to school safety, state Rep. Terry Sabo (D-Muskegon) has introduced House Bill 6319. The bill proposes that a minimum number of emergency drills in K-12 schools be required and better monitored. Fire, tornado and shelter-in-place drills are included in the bill, serving to make students, teachers and school staff more prepared in case of emergencies. Garnering wide support from his legislative colleagues, Sabo is optimistic about the bill and about the added safeguards it can administer in Michigan schools. 


“It’s pretty clear-cut that the proposal outlined in HB 6319 should be implemented. It helps to protect our kids. It helps to prepare our teachers. It helps to safeguard our schools. School safety comes in many forms, and emergency drills are a vital component. By requiring and tracking drills in K-12 schools, our communities will be better equipped in case of emergency,” Sabo said. “Ensuring effective emergency operations plans and setting in place high statewide school safety standards are not polarizing goals — these objectives are about coming together to provide safe learning environments for Michigan students. I am grateful to be part of the school safety task force, to be in a position to introduce this legislation and to play even a small part in improving the safety of children. All that being said, this legislative package is only the first step of what needs to be many more toward combating the violence we’ve seen happening in our schools and elsewhere. I will keep advocating for further legislative action, in order to ensure better safety and protection”


HB 6319 is part of a 12-bill package spearheaded by a special commission to improve both mental health outcomes for school-age children and school safety standards. The legislation was introduced by members of the House School Safety Task Force. The task force was created in part in response to mass shootings in schools, notably at Oxford High School.