MUSKEGON — The Michigan Land Bank Fast Track Authority announced Wednesday the sale of the former West Shoreline Correctional Facility to the city of Muskegon for redevelopment. The 60-acre property is located in the heart of Muskegon’s industrial district and city officials hope it will become part of the existing Port City Industrial Park after redevelopment. State Rep. Terry Sabo (D-Muskegon) welcomed the news and gave credit to the state and local officials involved in the project.

“I’m very pleased that this process has moved so quickly,” Sabo said. “This is an important step toward the continued economic growth of our community. I would like to thank our state and city of Muskegon for their work to secure another tool to increase job growth and attract new businesses to the greater Muskegon-area.”

The Shoreline facility opened in 1987 and closed last March, leaving the state-owned property vacant and unused until its recent sale to the city of Muskegon.