LANSING – Following being sworn in to his first term in the Michigan House of Representatives, State Representative Harvey Santana (D-Detroit) on Wednesday was appointed Democratic Vice Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee and as Associate Democratic Whip.

“It is an honor to serve as Democratic Vice Chair on the Agriculture Committee at a time when we must do everything within our power to protect one of Michigan’s largest industries,” Santana said. “I’m a born-and-raised Detroiter and I have three generations of farmers in my family – my father, grandfather and great grandfather were all landowners and private farmers in Puerto Rico. I understand and have a deep appreciation for what the farming industry is experiencing in these austere times.”

Santana will also serve on the House Energy and Technology Committee.

“As each day passes we continue to make new advances in the area of energy production and technology. To move Michigan forward we need strong policies in these areas to make our state competitive,” Santana said. “As Associate Democratic Whip, my role is to assist the Democratic Floor Leader in monitoring legislation and ensuring all party members are present for important votes. This job requires a high level of organization, preparedness and the ability to quickly jump into action.”

House Democratic Leader Richard E. Hammel (D-Mt. Morris Twp.) and Democratic Floor Leader Kate Segal(D-Battle Creek) expressed their strong support for Santana.

“Representative Santana has the clear determination to make government work for the people,” Hammel said. “That’s why I know he will be a valuable member of our team.”

Segal added:”Harvey Santana has demonstrated a strong commitment toward getting the job done, and we know he will do an outstanding job.”

Santana is eager to take on the responsibilities that come with his new roles.

“My military training and experience as an athlete have prepared me well for these roles,” Santana said. “I plan to lead by demonstrating uncompromising integrity. My colleagues demand discipline, attention to detail and determination so that our efforts to achieve our Democratic mission will be successful.”