LANSING — State Representative Harvey Santana (D-Detroit) reaffirmed his commitment to put the needs of Detroit residents first after a judge ruled today that the city qualifies for Chapter 9 bankruptcy. Although the city’s financial situation and its solution is a complex, long-term issue, Santana remains firm in serving his constituents above all else.

“This day is the result of decades of population loss and declining revenue,” Santana said. “A debt of $18 billion dollars is a monster number to wrestle into submission. What we have to do is continue to come up with short- and long-term solutions to Detroit’s financial disaster.”

Judge Stephen Rhodes issued his ruling today from federal court in Detroit. The ruling followed a nine-day trial to determine whether the city was eligible to enter Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection.

“As a Detroit lawmaker, I am committed to continuing my working relationship with Republicans to find solutions for Detroit in a bipartisan fashion,” Santana said. “My hope is that we can place the quality of life for those residents who have decided to stay first throughout this process. Public safety and abandoned homes must be a top priority.”