LANSING – State Representative Andy Schor (D-Lansing) introduced House Bill 4367 this week to allow split and/or mixed ticket voting in primary elections in Michigan.

“Many voters that I have talked with are frustrated that they are limited to voting for candidates in only one party’s primary, and I agree with them that this is an unnecessary roadblock in our primary elections,” said Schor. “HB 4367, which I introduced this week, will give voters more choice by allowing split and/or mixed ticket voting in our primary elections.”

Presently, voters must choose to either vote in the Republican or the Democratic primary. Split ticket voting is only allowed in the general election.

“Our primary elections silence many voters by denying them the opportunity to vote for the candidate they want to support,” said Schor. “Our country is built on our freedom to choose, and my bill will give voters even greater choice by allowing them to split their primary ticket and vote for the person they believe is best suited for the job. I look forward to my colleague’s support of HB 4367.”