LANSING, Mich., May 7, 2021 — State Reps. Andrea Schroeder (R-Independence Twp.) and David LaGrand (D-Grand Rapids) are leading a bipartisan coalition of legislators to expand electric vehicle infrastructure in Michigan. The five-bill package would amend the existing law to allow EV charging stations to also be installed in Michigan rest areas off of state and U.S. highways. It would also create the Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Registration Act, which would protect consumers and regulate the installation of these EV charging stations.

House Bill 4801, sponsored by Rep. Schroeder, would create the Electric Vehicle Charging Services Registration Act. The Act would require the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) to establish a registration procedure for people providing EV charging services, allow registrants to provide charging stations at a profit, and provide exemptions from the registration requirements.

“Home to auto-industry powerhouses, Michigan already has the creative talent necessary for remaining a leader in the electric vehicle industry,” said Rep. Schroeder. “What we are desperately in need of are policies that both support EV expansion and establish important consumer protections. Many of Michigan’s automotive companies have pledged to turn fully electric in the coming decades, and the time is now to put policies in place that prepare us for a future in which a majority of consumers choose to drive electric cars.”

House Bill 4804, sponsored by Rep. LaGrand, would allow the Michigan Department of Transportation to install, operate and maintain EV charging stations at highway rest stops or travel information centers. It would also authorize MDOT to lease land to third parties for EV charging stations along the highways.

“Electric cars often have better safety ratings, lower maintenance costs for drivers and fewer negative impacts on the environment. People want to buy and use these cars, but without improving our charging infrastructure, it isn’t practical or possible for most Michigan families,” LaGrand said. “With state-of-the-art electric charging stations lining our highways, we can significantly reduce the anxiety Michiganders may feel about transitioning to this new means of transportation. The future of our nation’s automotive industry starts in Michigan.”

Additional bills in the package include the following bills and sponsors:

  • HB 4802, sponsored by Rep. Padma Kuppa
  • HB 4803, sponsored by Rep. Joe Bellino
  • HB 4805, sponsored by Rep. John Damoose

HBs 4801- 4805 were referred to the Committee on Energy for further consideration.