LANSING, Mich., Nov. 4, 2021 —  The Michigan House of Representatives passed House Bill 5097, a bill banning the teaching of racial injustice in public schools. State Rep. Helena Scott (D-Detroit) issued the following statement condemning the passage of the legislation: 

“Let’s be clear: Critical race theory is an academic concept that is taught in universities at the graduate level. Michigan’s educators do not teach this subject at the K-12 level. What the Republicans’ bill does is remove your child’s education from the hands of capable, dedicated teachers and place it in the hands of partisan politicians. It does not ban the teaching of critical race theory: It bans educators from doing their jobs and providing students with a fair, factual and evidence-based account of the history of this country. By censoring discussions of racial injustice, it diminishes the historic achievements of Black American heroes who overcame so much in their effort to help America live up to its highest principles. I strongly condemn this un-American and highly disturbing piece of legislation.”