I’m very happy to announce that after several months of working across the aisle with House Republican leadership, I have been able to secure a commitment of $300,000 for Brennan pools. Brennan pools are on the grounds of Rouge Park, located in my district. The $300,000 has been included in a supplemental budget bill, which passed out of the House this week.

Right now, these pools are completely unusable. They sit empty, summer after summer, because there has been no money to repair or maintain them.

As your state representative, I’m in Lansing to help turn around Detroit. Securing this money is one step toward accomplishing this goal. Once this bill is signed by the governor, instead of kids roaming the streets and getting into trouble this summer in the sweltering heat, they will have the opportunity to head to Rouge Park and play in its pools.

Thank you for having faith in me. Thank you for allowing me to continue to go to battle for you, the city of Detroit and the 9th District. You are the reason I show up to work every day — to continue fighting for my constituents, my district and my home. I look forward to continuing to represent you, and making positive changes in our district.