LANSING — State Rep. Nate Shannon (D-Sterling Heights) introduced House Bill 4628 today to provide insurance rate relief to Michigan drivers by requiring certain traffic violations to be removed from a driver’s record after only three years. Currently in Michigan, all items remain on an individual’s driving record for at least seven years.

“This bill ensures those that make minor driving mistakes are not punished with costly insurance bills for nearly a decade while maintaining consequences for those who act without regard for others on the road,” said Rep. Shannon. “Michigan’s seven year minimum stands out as the longest when compared to most of our neighboring states, and it’s time for us to correct this overzealous law and lower insurance rates for Michigan drivers.”

The types of traffic violations that would be affected by the bill are any that give three points or less, excluding reckless driving. The bill would not affect careless driving, drunk driving or large speeding tickets, but would allow smaller infractions to fall off records sooner. The bill has received bipartisan support.