LANSING, Mich., May 11, 2022 — Today, state Rep. Nate Shannon (D-Sterling Heights) introduced House Bill 6097, which would prohibit corporations from claiming specific tax incentives for moving jobs out of Michigan. 

“One of my biggest priorities is creating a thriving Michigan economy for our families, friends and neighbors. Michiganders deserve accessible employment. When businesses are rewarded for sending these jobs away, our communities are left with sparse opportunities.” Shannon said. “We need our corporations to do their part, not reward them for sending opportunities to other countries.”

Under the current federal tax law, corporation deductions are permitted for certain expenses in regards to outsourcing, thereby incentivizing these corporations to outsource Michigan jobs and pay less in taxes. HB 6097 would maintain and protect the job market by eliminating those special tax incentives, which drive out employment opportunities for hardworking Michiganders. HB 6097 not only supports the Michigan job market but encourages corporations to contribute to and support a thriving Michigan economy.

“When corporations pay less in taxes while also shipping jobs overseas, the burden falls on the rest of us. My bill turns this lose-lose situation into a win-win,” Shannon said. “This legislation keeps greedy corporations in check, making them pay their fair share in taxes while also keeping Michigan jobs right here at home, where they belong.”