LANSING, Mich., April 13, 2022 — Today, state Rep. Nate Shannon (D-Sterling Heights) introduced a resolution to establish a task force to address Southeast Michigan’s flooding issues and failing water infrastructure. Consisting of four members from each party, the task force will investigate potential solutions to the ongoing problem and report its findings to the full House of Representatives. 


Heavy rains have become increasingly prevalent in the state, especially in the Lower Peninsula. This has led to record storms overwhelming Michigan’s aging and deficient water infrastructure. Southeast Michigan alone has experienced five massive floods since 2014, with the worst one causing $1.8 billion in damages across the region. Last month, the Legislature passed nearly $2.2 billion in funding for water infrastructure and initiatives, including $66 million for pump station generators, but experts say ongoing funding will be needed to bring lasting changes. 


“I’m ecstatic we secured billions for water infrastructure statewide and billions to address roadway flooding, directly addressing the recent hardships those in Detroit and the greater metro area endured dramatically last year. But until we take a real hard look at this problem and its impacts in our communities, we’ll never truly solve the issue. This is an issue that goes beyond any one municipality or county, and the Legislature needs to step in to help coordinate and bring all of the parties together,” Shannon said. “We need to hit the ground running with this task force. Our mission is set, and the stakes are high. Ask anyone in Southeast Michigan — they know. It’s time to get to work to solve this seasonal crisis, and this bipartisan task force is our best pitch to get the job done.”