LANSING, Mich., Oct. 24, 2023 — The House Transportation, Mobility and Infrastructure Committee voted out House Bill 5103 today. This bill amends the Michigan Vehicle Code by removing a provision that, as originally written, disqualifies Michiganders from getting a driver’s license if within the last three years they had two or more moving violations that occurred before the issuance of an original license. After the vote, state Rep. Nate Shannon (D-Sterling Heights), chair of the committee, issued the following statement:

“Without this bill, those who do not have a driver’s license and endured vehicle code violations while unlicensed are faced with an agonizing process to receive a valid drivers license — only enhancing the temptation of illegal driving. This legislation is important to address social and economic barriers placed on individuals who pass the driving test, pay off tickets and are in need of a way to get to work, but by law, they must wait three years. Situations like this force Michiganders to choose to illegally drive to get to work, or put food on the table. This bill will remove a hurdle that perpetuates a bureaucratic nightmare for those seeking to retrieve a first-time driver’s license, and it will save time and money for all parties.”