LANSING, Mich., April 12, 2023 — Earlier this year, the Michigan House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 7, a budget supplemental that allocates $25 million for the Transportation Economic Development Fund, a match grant road funding program for municipalities with fewer than 10,000 people. State Rep. Nate Shannon (D-Sterling Heights) issued the following statement, after learning that the city of Utica, which he represents, has the opportunity to receive funds:

“I am ecstatic at the opportunity for Utica to receive infrastructure funding. One of my several priorities is transportation. Since the announcement of committee leadership and given my chair position of the House Transportation Committee, I’m especially focused on providing safer roadways, mobility and infrastructure — there are many ways that this can be achieved, such as legislation, but funding is always needed.

“Utica’s local roadways will greatly benefit from a portion of the $25 million grant funds, and I am grateful I could support my district with this legislation. Better roadways mean safer communities and convenient mobility.”

The grants, if received, will offset the costs of fixing roads in communities around the state and invest in reconstruction, replacement, rehabilitation or preventive maintenance projects.