LANSING, Mich., April 11, 2023 —  Bills to curb distracted driving were discussed today in the House Transportation, Mobility, and Infrastructure Committee, chaired by state Rep. Nate Shannon (D-Sterling Heights). 

The legislation, House Bills 4250-52, seeks to help make Michigan roads safer by keeping drivers accountable and their eyes on the road. 

“With so much instant communication in our daily lives, from our cell phones, smartwatches and tablets, it is easy for anyone to get distracted while driving. It is important we secure legislation that requires driver accountability to keep eyes on the road and keep our fellow passengers, cyclists and joggers safe,” Shannon said. “As committee chair, I’m grateful for this legislation to help protect Michiganders and promote driver accountability combating against distracted drivers — safe laws make safer roads.”

HB 4250, introduced by state Rep. Matt Koleszar (D-Plymouth), would prohibit an individual  from using a mobile electronic device while operating a motor vehicle or school bus. HB 4251, introduced by state Rep. Tyrone Carter (D-Detroit), would prescribe the number of points assigned to a person’s driving record for a violation of the bill. HB 4252, introduced by state Rep. Mike Mueller (R-Fenton), requires the Department of State Police to submit a report to the governor and legislature, 40 months after the law takes effect, that includes information related to violations of using a mobile electronic device while operating a motor vehicle or school bus.

“As chair, it is exciting to see all the impactful legislation coming through the committee. This legislation can save lives while also encouraging safe driving practices,” Shannon added. “Our current driving laws are not enough. I am looking forward to continuing to support positive updates to our laws.”