LANSING, Mich. Jan. 12, 2023 — The U.S. Air Force is developing a plan to retire A-10 squadrons nationwide, including Macomb County’s Selfridge Air National Guard Base.  This includes replacing the current A-10 mission at Selfridge, making room for further investments in Michigan. Gov. Gretchen Whimer sent a letter to Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall III, today, pushing for investments into a new fighter mission at Selfridge. The investments would support over 166,000 jobs and continue to hold an estimated $850 million statewide. In response, state Rep. Nate Shannon (D-Sterling Heights) issued the following statement:

“I thoroughly support the call for additional investments at Selfridge,” Shannon said. “ Selfridge is one of the largest military airspace complexes east of the Mississippi, so it only makes sense that we continue to support it. Not only will this investment in modernizing the base help preserve U.S. military superiority, but the base also supports the Macomb community directly — cultivating the overall economic wellness of our state.”