EAST LANSING – State Representative Sam Singh (D-East Lansing) is renewing calls for passage of legislation he sponsored that would allow same-sex couples who are eligible to file federal taxes jointly to be able to do the same at the state level. Last year, a Supreme Court ruling striking down the Defense of Marriage Act led to federal recognition of legally married same-sex couples, regardless if state in which they currently live recognizes the marriage.

“Today, on Tax Day, hundreds of married same-sex couples are faced with unfair and unnecessary tax filing burdens in the State of Michigan. These couples must prepare at least five different tax returns because the state fails to recognize their legal marriages,” said Singh. “My legislation would end these discriminatory practices and allow these couples to file jointly at the state level as any other married couple is allowed to do. If Gov. Snyder and other Republicans truly supported a fair and simplified tax code as they claim, my bill should pass with unanimous support.”

Currently, married same-sex couples in Michigan who are eligible to file their taxes jointly at the federal level must still file as individuals at the state level. Because individual state tax returns are based off of individual filings to the IRS, couples must still prepare, but not submit, individual federal returns in order to complete their state filing. In total the couple must prepare and submit federal joint returns, prepare federal individual returns and prepare and submit individual state returns.