LANSING – Rep. Sam Singh (D-East Lansing) is demanding that Governor Snyder cancel the state’s contract with Aramark after yet another Aramark employee was caught smuggling drugs into a correctional in St. Louis, Mich.

“The fine imposed and retracted this spring and the subsequent fine this summer clearly have not been compelling enough for Aramark to correct its handling of food services in Michigan’s prisons,” said Singh. “Governor Snyder needs to take clear, decisive action. Small fines that may or may not be collected obviously have not persuaded Aramark to be responsible partners with the State of Michigan.”

This latest offense comes on the eve of a meeting of the Michigan Civil Service Commission. Early this year, on March 19, Russ Marlan, spokesperson for the Department of Corrections, testified in front of the Commission that the D.O.C. was imposing a $98,000 fine against Aramark. However, FOIA requests show that a week before this testimony was given Director Daniel Heyns had decided to back off of the fines. Furthermore more, in the May 7 report from the Commission detailing its decision to not cancel the Aramark contract, both the supporting and dissenting opinions reference this fine.

“It’s very clearly from meeting minutes and the report of the Civil Service Commission that commissioners where lead to believe corrective action in the form of fines had been levied against Aramark,” continued Singh. “The commission made its decision based on that information and it appears the D.O.C. never attempted to clarify the misconception. I think the D.O.C. should appear before the Commission tomorrow and detail exactly when decisions were made and explain why they did not update the Commission on change of course in corrective action.”

The minutes for the Civil Service meeting can be found here: