LANSING, Mich., May 28, 2024 — Today, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel announced charges of second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter against Michigan State Police Detective Sgt. Brian Keely in connection with the tragic death of Samuel Sterling. Following the charges, state Rep. Phil Skaggs (D-East Grand Rapids) issued the following statement: 

“The charges filed today reflect a serious commitment to accountability and transparency within law enforcement agencies. The gravity of the allegations — second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter — underscore the importance of ensuring that all actions taken by those sworn to protect and serve are lawful and just. Public trust in our law enforcement is paramount for a just society, and it is critical that thorough investigations and resolutions follow incidents like these. I commend Attorney General Dana Nessel for taking the necessary steps to address this incident. However, this moment serves as a somber reminder of the essential need for efforts to improve policing practices and enhance community relations.”