LANSING – A bipartisan package including a bill from state Rep. Tim Sneller (D-Burton) addressing railroad safety concerns is headed to the governor’s desk for consideration. Rep. Sneller’s legislation would alter traffic regulations in regard to various on-track vehicles. This package of bills, House Bills 5640, 5641 and 5643, would expand protections for railroad workers, motorists, and railroads in general.

“It is important that we take every measure possible to ensure the safety of both the hardworking railroad employees of Michigan and the citizens that use the crossings,” Sneller said. “As technology advances and the vehicles and equipment used by workers evolve, the definitions and rules governing railroad safety need to be amended to keep up. I am thrilled that my colleagues in the Legislature supported our desire to address this issue, and I hope that Gov. Snyder promptly signs this important legislation into law.”

If enacted, motorists at a railroad crossing must obey the same traffic provisions currently in place regarding an approaching train when “other on-track” equipment is approaching. The package defines “other on-track equipment” as a car, rolling stock, or large “train-like” machine that presents similar dangers as trains.