LANSING, Mich., June 13, 2023 — The House voted in favor of House Bill 4495 today. The bill removes unnecessary and obsolete language from the Healthy Michigan Plan by eliminating outdated provisions in the plan’s statute. State Rep. Will Snyder (D-Muskegon), sponsor of the bill, issued the following statement after its passage:  


“The Healthy Michigan Plan has helped millions of Michiganders access essential health care services. In my district of Muskegon, just over 16,000 people are enrolled in the plan. This legislation is vital because it secures coverage for those folks in our hometown and for hundreds of thousands across the state. We need to make sure individuals and families don’t lose their health care benefits — for that reason, it has been my great privilege to be part of moving this policy forward in order to safeguard affordable coverage. The Healthy Michigan Plan is an important avenue for Michiganders to get health care coverage at a low cost. So, yes, it’s important we keep the plan streamlined and up-to-date. I am very hopeful it will make its way to the governor’s desk.”