Dear Neighbor,

Hi, I’m Jason. I have the privilege to serve as your state representative for Washtenaw, Wayne and Oakland counties. Here is some information that I hope you will find helpful, including some updates and news from your state government.

Polluter Pay

Last week, alongside my colleague state Sen. Jeff Irwin, I introduced a 7-bill package (HB 5241 – HB 5247) to hold polluters accountable in Michigan. Since the 90s, corporations and special interests have spent millions of dollars to gut Michigan’s pollution laws. Those tricks won’t work anymore.

We will not allow polluters to leave contamination in place, making ever-growing portions of our land and water unusable. If you are responsible for causing pollution, you should have to pay to clean it up. This legislation makes it clear that fencing off the land or closing drinking water wells is not a substitute for removing as much pollution as possible. Let’s reclaim our state and ensure polluters, not taxpayers, pay to clean up their messes.

The bottom line: Michigan’s environment and the health of its people will not be bought.


School Debt Forgiveness

With House Bill 4292, were able to bring significant debt forgiveness back to Ypsilanti Community Schools! In addition to receiving $25 million in forgiven debt for the defunct Willow Run School District, we also received an additional $17 million for student achievement initiatives.

This is a massive achievement for all the advocates who spoke out. This simply could not have done without your support.


Domestic Gun Violence Prevention

In Michigan, 1 in 5 women who are victims of homicide die at the hands of a domestic abuser. That’s why I voted yes on legislation to keep guns out of the hands of violent offenders. We’ve lost too many people to gun violence. This legislation is common-sense gun reform that should already be on the books. It’s for our survivors, our families and the wellbeing of our communities.

Memes for Michigan

Need a joke to lighten the mood? Want your chronically online friends to stay up to date with Michigan politics? This section is for you!


Yours in service,

State Representative Jason Morgan

Michigan’s 23rd House District