LANSING — Yesterday, state Rep. Bill Sowerby (D-Clinton Township) introduced House Bill 4522 to address uncertainty about the future of the Healthy Michigan program, which currently insures over 680,000 Michiganders. The legislation removes language that would end Healthy Michigan if net costs for the program exceed state savings.

“Hundreds of thousands of Michiganders rely on Healthy Michigan and they should not have to constantly worry about having their health care taken away from them,” said Sowerby. “Healthy Michigan has proven to be good for both the people of Michigan and our state’s economy. With the possibility for far reaching changes at the federal level affecting the Affordable Care Act, we need to take action now to ensure our program’s longevity.”

The Healthy Michigan plan expanded Medicaid to more Michiganders than ever before, resulting in dramatic drops in the state’s uninsured rates since 2014. However, attempts at the federal level to dismantle the Affordable Care Act threaten federal support for Healthy Michigan, triggering language in current law to end the program and leaving hundreds of thousands of Michiganders without access to the care they need.

“It is important to note that my bill is only the first step in the on-going fight to ensure everyone has access to affordable health care,” said Sowerby. “My colleagues and I will continue to work on legislation that provides all Michiganders with the opportunities they need to build a happy, healthy future.”