I graduated from Michigan State University 20 years ago, and I am once and forever a Spartan. The dread I felt last night as I heard the news of a gunman on campus was quickly replaced by anger. I am angry that the safety and security of Michigan State University has been shattered by the uniquely American scourge of gun violence.


Gun violence has touched the lives of countless Americans. I personally have family members who have been victims of gun violence, and the impact of that violence reverberates for a lifetime. This is not a new phenomenon, and the people who elected us to help lead the state have no patience for inaction.


Last night, parents across our state and our country made panicked calls to their children, so they could hear their voices and be on the phone with them as they sheltered in place. Students and staff hid to keep from being shot.


We have a choice. We can continue to debate the reasons for gun violence in America, or we can act. We cannot continue to do the same thing over and over again and hope for a different outcome. Multiple people were shot and killed at Michigan State University. I have no understanding left for those in a position to effect change who are unwilling to act. 


I am grateful for the swift response of law enforcement and the outpouring of support from emergency responders across our state that rushed to the aid of East Lansing last night. My thoughts are with the entire MSU community as they try to cope in the aftermath of this tragedy.  The members of the Michigan House of Representatives stand with the Spartans.