LANSING, Mich., May 12, 2022 —  State Rep. Jeffrey Pepper (D-Dearborn) was sworn into the House of Representatives Tuesday after winning a special election. After the ceremony, he issued the following statement:

“I am honored to serve and represent my district of Dearborn, working tirelessly to create and support a brighter future for not only my constituents but the people of Michigan. It’s time to effectuate meaningful change to fix our infrastructure, fund our schools, ensure access to the ballot, protect our environment and natural resources, and — most importantly — reestablish a voice for Dearborn in the Michigan House of Representatives.

“My repertoire of experience as a lawyer, mediator and community leader throughout my life has prepared me for this moment: to represent a city which has been home to five generations of my family, which has given me so much and to which much more is owed.

“This week will be the beginning of a new chapter not only for me but for those within my district. I am here for you, ceaselessly advocating for your best interests. Thank you for your support.

“I am ready to hit the ground running, serving you dutifully as your state representative.”