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Welcome to my latest e-newsletter! Read on for legislative updates and things to do this month, along with other community information.

Opening of the 99th Legislature

I am honored to serve the 48th House District in the Michigan House of Representatives’ 99th Legislature. This past Wednesday, I was joined by my granddaughter, sister-in-law and husband as I took my third and final oath of office as yout state representative. Thank you for allowing me to serve you, and please feel free to contact me with any issues you need assistance with or ideas you’d like to share.



State Rep. Pam Faris (D-Clio) takes the oath of office from Michigan Supreme Court Justice Bridget Mary McCormack at the swearing-in ceremony for the official opening of the 99th Legislature of the Michigan House of Representatives on Jan. 11, 2017. Pictured with Rep. Faris is her husband, former Lt. Gov. John Cherry, her granddaughter Madeline Cherry and her sister-in-law Deb Cherry.

Legislative Update

This week, I introduced a bill to increase transparency within Michigan government, House Bill 4017. This bill would require the yearly fiscal statement to include an itemized list of payments from the state to each local unit of government during that fiscal year.

Martin Luther King Jr. National Day of Service

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Everybody can be great because everybody can serve.” To honor his words of inspiration and encouragement, the Michigan Community Service Commission (MCSC) asks you to mark Jan. 16 on your calendar for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service.

The MLK Day of Service was initiated by Congress in 1994 and has been developed beyond a federal holiday honoring Dr. King into a national day of community service. In honor of this special day, thousands of service projects will be planned across the country grounded in Dr. King’s teachings of nonviolence and social justice. 

Everyone is encouraged to participate in the 2017 MLK Day of Service. The Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service Toolkit is available online at to help you plan your 2017 projects.

In addition to the National Day of Service, be mindful of buildings that may be closed, including the Secretary of State and local government offices, in order to observe MLK Day.

Hazard Alert: Winter Ice and Falls

During icy Michigan months, be aware of slick roads, walkways and stairs. According to Michigan’s hospital surveillance data, 60 workers were hospitalized in 2014 and 54 in 2015 after falling on the ice at work. These dangerous falls could lead to injury, hospitalization and even surgeries. The following safety tips could help you prevent incidents in the future:

  • Keep all walkways cleared of ice and snow.
  • Have de-icing products handy for hard-to-remove ice or snow.
  • Make sure all walkways and passageways are clearly marked and well-lit.
  • Be careful of slippery surfaces inside buildings.
  • Wear slip-resistant footwear.
  • Practice safe walking on slippery surfaces by taking slow, small steps.
  • Step down, not out, from curbs.
  • Avoid carrying heavy loads that may offset your balance.
  • Clearly mark or barricade hazardous areas.
  • Wear sunglasses on sunny days to lessen winter glare.
  • Take extra precaution when entering and exiting vehicles.

Black and Gold Patrol Cars Coming to State Police Fleet for 100th Year Anniversary

Recently, the Michigan State Police patrol fleet released 50 black and gold patrol cars in honor of the department’s 100th anniversary. The fully equipped 2016 Dodge Chargers are painted to resemble the department’s iconic 1937 Ford Model 74 patrol car. The 1937 Ford Model 74 patrol car was one of the department’s first patrol cars and is the oldest vehicle in the department’s historical fleet. The MSP used black and gold patrol cars until 1954 when Commissioner Joseph A. Childs changed the department’s patrol cars from black and gold to the bright shade of blue that remains the standard today.

“These black patrol cars with their distinctive gold striping and 100th anniversary door shield are a throwback to our past and one of the ways in which we are ‘Celebrating 100 Years of Service’ this year,” said Col. Kriste Kibbey Etue, director of the MSP. “Because we are known for our ‘Blue Goose,’ we expect these black patrol cars to turn heads when drivers see them on Michigan roads and at events, providing us with opportunities to talk about our centennial and interact positively with the citizens we serve and protect.”

Each of the MSP’s 30 posts will receive at least one 100th anniversary patrol car for use on general patrol and at community events.

For more information about the MSP’s 100th anniversary, visit or follow the

conversation on social media using #MSP100.

Treehouse Masters at For-Mar Nature Preserve and Arboretum

Tonight, Jan. 13, the episode of Treehouse Masters at For-Mar Nature Preserve and Arboretum will air on Animal Planet at 10 p.m. See Pete and his crew work with our Nature’s Superheroes, The Preservers, and some of our staff to build this new visitor favorite educational space. This addition allows visitors of all ages and abilities coming out to For-Mar to have the opportunity to experience a treehouse, nestled back in black cherry, red oak, white oak, basswood and butternut hickory trees above the Kearsley Creek oxbow. The treehouse can be accessed by either staircase or ramp, with grades to meet ADA requirements. Inside, visitors will find tools and equipment for educational programming including a projector, binoculars, microscopes and some unique elements you won’t find in a traditional classroom.

Baby Steps Learning Event

The Davison Area Library is hosting an event on Friday, Jan. 20, to help your child start their path to learning. Babies and toddlers 0 to 24 months of age will enjoy exploring and learning with rhythm, rhymes, oys, music and of course, books!

  • Babies 0 to 12 months old at 10 a.m.
  • Toddlers 12 to 24 months old at 11 a.m.

For more information, please go to the library’s website.

“On the days when we wake thinking of ourselves first and foremost as a Republican or a Democrat, help us to stay in bed until we can remember that first and foremost we are Michiganders.”  Rep. Pam Faris, Jan. 12, 2017, Michigan House of Representatives Invocation.

I hope you found this information useful. Please feel free to contact my office if we can be of any assistance.


State Representative Pam Faris

48th House District