MUSKEGON – State Representative Collene Lamonte (Montague) and State Representative Marcia Hovey-Wright (Muskegon) today urged Michiganders to make the good works done on the National Day of Service a year-round effort. Lamonte and Hovey-Wright took part in a food gathering event to benefit the Muskegon Veterans Food Pantry on the National Day of Service on Saturday.

“I truly appreciate to the National Day of Service and the chance to help out others in our community. Collecting food for our veterans in particular is a worthy cause,” Lamonte said. “But the truth is, the need lasts longer than a day. There are many people who need help in our community and many efforts that need volunteers, whether it is providing food to food banks, teaching adults to read or mentoring kids. That’s why I hope the spirit of the National Day of Service will carry on throughout the year, and why I will always be ready to help out our community.”

Hovey-Wright said that volunteering benefits the volunteer as well. She has been actively involved in many community and neighborhood projects over the years.

“Few things are as enriching as reaching out to neighbors in need,” Hovey-Wright said. “Volunteering not only assists the person who receives help, but it also rewards the volunteer and brings our community closer together. I was glad to participate in this year’s National Day of Service, and I will continue to help out in our area.”