LANSING — The Michigan Senate passed state Rep. Andy Schor’s (D-Lansing) House Bill 4759 today, which allows the state to sell the Farnum Building at the corner of Allegan and Capitol. The building formerly held most of the state Senate offices but has sat vacant for months. 

“I’m happy the Senate took quick action on my bill to put this prime spot in downtown Lansing back into use and back on the tax rolls,” said Schor. “The sale will be through a public, competitive process that allows taxpayers to get the fair market value for the building.” 

The 11-story building was completed in 1959, and the state bought it in 1978 for $3 million. Under the bill, sale proceeds will first reimburse the Department of Technology, Management and Budget for expenses, and the rest would go to the general fund.  

“Lansing has continued to have conversations about ideas that contribute to the progress made in revitalizing our downtown,” said Schor. “With this fantastic location, there are many different options for use that could contribute to downtown and Lansing as a whole. This sale will help those conversations to continue, and culminate in another exciting project.” 

House Bill 4759 now goes to Gov. Snyder’s desk for his signature.