LANSING — Today, Attorney General Bill Schuette filed an appeal on a court ruling that blocked public dollars from the state from being sent to private schools to cover inspection costs and other requirements from the state. In response, Democratic Floor Leader Rep. Christine Greig (D-Farmington Hills) issued the following statement:

            “It’s ridiculous that Attorney General Bill Schuette is once again wasting taxpayer dollars by fighting the Court of Claims ruling that clearly states that sending state aid to non-public schools in unconstitutional. Michigan voters have gone to the polls twice and stated loudly and clearly that they do not want public money used for non-public and parochial schools. It doesn’t get any clearer than people casting votes and a judge making a ruling. Public money belongs to public schools. AG Schuette is wasting his time and our tax dollars by continuing his foolish and unconstitutional fight to fund non-public schools.”