LANSING — Today, the House of Representatives approved the state budget for fiscal year 2018-19. In response, House Democratic Floor Leader Christine Greig (D-Farmington Hills) issued the following statement:


“A state that is committed to seeing its economy thrive and its children grow up to take the best-paying jobs available is a state that stands behind its schools and teachers. The School Omnibus budget passed today didn’t do that. While it did increase school funding overall, which is needed, it also placed unrealistic standards on our schools, and then threatened them with closure and our teachers with firings if those goals aren’t met. Michigan is already facing a teacher shortage, and we should be doing all we can to bring more excellent teachers into our schools. Measures like these — that weren’t even properly vetted through policy committees — will rightfully scare them away. I would gladly vote for a budget that strengthens our communities, prepares our kids for a promising future and gives our young people the freedom and security they need to start a teaching career. This budget doesn’t do that, so I couldn’t give it my full support.”