LANSING — Earlier this month, Gov. Rick Snyder appointed the CEO of the Greater Michigan Associated Builders and Contractors, Jimmy Greene, to the State Building Authority. Greene replaces Pat Devlin of the Michigan Building Trades who served as a powerful voice for Michigan's working men and women. The State Building Authority is responsible for financing the construction, renovation and equipment of public building projects. Associated Builders and Contractors has regularly promoted labor practices that harm working people, like repealing prevailing wage and advocating for Right to Work for Less legislation, which reduce wages and in turn, lower quality and increase upkeep costs for state projects for Michigan taxpayers. 

In response to this questionable appointment, House Democratic Floor Leader Christine Greig (D-Farmington Hills) issued the following statement:

“After eight years of putting corporate interests first, it is no surprise that Gov. Snyder once again prioritized the bottom line of a wealthy lobbyists and campaign donors over the pocketbooks of working families. Michigan’s hardworking men and women deserve safe working conditions, strong wages and good benefits, but that won’t happen as long as those in power are focused on undercutting the right of Michiganders to negotiate together. The Michigan Senate has a responsibility to challenge this appointment and put the interests of Michigan families first.”