“After more than five months, the Governor and Republican leaders are merely beginning to listen to House Democrats and the people of Michigan, who know that we have to invest in our schools and create jobs for our workers. Tens of thousands of residents stood up for our kids and schools at rallies and town halls across the state, but Republicans chose to ignore them. Our fight is not over, because our residents and kids still deserve better.

Our state can – and should – invest more in our schools, our children and our communities. We must also continue to stand strong against the Governor and Republicans’ who created the largest tax increase in Michigan’s history on our families and seniors. It’s our children, public safety programs and seniors who are paying the price by footing the bill for an 82 percent tax break for corporations. These measures do not create a single job. Like the other measures announced today, restoring a portion of the Brownfield incentives is a start; however it does not go far enough to revitalize Michigan’s urban areas and core communities. House Democrats will continue fighting to make sure Republicans do not continue to shift an unfair burden onto kids, middle class families and seniors and that we don’t jeopardize the future success of our children and our state as we work to turn Michigan around.”