LANSING — The School Finance Research Collaborative issued a report today that says Michigan school districts are underfunded by about $1,290 to $1,990 per pupil, depending on the needs of children and existing funding in a given school district. The report calls for a base per-pupil funding of $9,590, which is 26.2 percent more than the minimum state per-pupil funding. In response, House Democratic Leader Sam Singh (D-East Lansing) issued the following statement:

“Our schools have struggled ever since Republicans made massive funding cuts in 2011. When we don’t invest in our schools, that means our kids aren’t learning the newest technologies. It means our kids are sitting in overcrowded classrooms. It means our children with special needs aren’t always getting the best services they need to thrive. We can’t shortchange our kids’ future and expect them to be able to compete for the best jobs of tomorrow with children from other states where they make education funding a priority. Investing in education is investing in Michigan’s future. Now that we have more state dollars to spend, we should put them where they matter most: in our kids’ education.”