“Today, because it is in the best interest of the people of Michigan, I’m calling on Gov. Rick Snyder to resign for his actions pertaining to the Flint water crisis. This is a position I’ve come to after serious thought, reflection and consideration. Given the actions of negligence and indifference by the governor, and a culture he has created that lacks transparency and accountability, the very serious call for resignation is warranted. Gov. Snyder has created a culture that lacks a commitment to transparency and accountability and that is obsessed with spreadsheet totals, public relations positioning, and ‘pass the buck’ politics that put the health of 100,000 people in jeopardy and may have taken the lives of nine Michiganders. It is a culture so pervasive that when scientists and Flint residents sounded the alarm, they were mocked, dismissed and subjected to public relations spin rather than being listened to. It is a culture so pervasive that for months, the problem was allowed to continue, even to the point of ignoring scientific evidence that the crisis had potentially grown to a fatal level. In the end, it is a culture created by the governor, for which he is ultimately responsible.”