“My House district is diverse in every way, including economically. I represent some of the Michigan’s wealthiest residents, including a few of the state’s billionaires, as well as many people who barely get by from paycheck to paycheck. I have never heard from any of the multi-millionaires or billionaires in my district that they need a tax break to stay afloat. I have, however, heard from many families that are barely managing to make ends meet and who need real help.

“Yet Michigan’s top wage-earners are the biggest winners in the tax relief offered by House Republicans in House Bill 4001. They will see thousands and thousands of dollars of savings while working families in my district will see a meager return. I can’t justify to the working families in my district why they’re getting so little and the richest people in Michigan are getting so much out of House Bill 4001.

“I joined a bipartisan majority of my colleagues by voting against the billionaires’ tax break. I remain committed to delivering real tax relief, not gimmicks, to the families that need it most.”