LANSING — The Michigan House of Representatives voted Senate Bills 335 and 336 out of the Elections and Ethics Committee today, rushing them through to a vote on the House floor, where both bills passed. In response, state Rep. Jeremy Moss (D-Southfield), who sits on the Committee, issued the following statement:

“I worked across the aisle earlier this year to score a huge victory for government transparency by crafting a bipartisan package of bills that would allow residents to gain access to records within the governor’s office and the Legislature. And for a brief, shining moment, it looked like we’d turned a new corner in state government when it passed the House unanimously. Yet today it’s politics as usual for House Republicans who are bent on flooding the system with untraceable money they can use to fatten their campaign coffers. The people of Michigan deserve a government that works for them, not one that drowns out their voice — and their vote — with unlimited super PAC contributions. I'll continue working with my fellow House Democrats to promote transparency in state government despite Republican setbacks.”