“Southfield residents didn’t want it. The Southfield Mayor and City Council didn’t allow it. I introduced legislation to prevent it from happening. But nevertheless, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality issued the permit last year to drill for oil in a residential area of our community. Lo and behold, nothing profitable was found and Jordan Development Co. announced the well will be plugged.

“I am relieved that oil and gas drilling in Southfield has ended, but the fight to protect families and businesses in our community is not over. Jordan Development Co. only stopped drilling because they didn’t see enough profit in the venture, not because they understood the health and environmental risks posed by drilling in a densely populated area.

“I am continuing the fight to enact common-sense regulations that will prevent oil and gas companies from putting public health and safety at risk in communities with a high-density population. These safeguards have bipartisan support, and I am hopeful that they will soon see action in the Legislature.”