“The House Democrats are voting no on virtually all bills because of the toxic environment created by extremist politicians pushing ‘right-to-work’ bills at the 11th hour. Republicans, who the voters rejected in November, are doing a disservice to a full-time Legislature by pushing sizable and substantive public policy changes in the final week of session without full consideration of the consequences. We had almost two full years to debate these bills, but Republicans, in a vicious attack on middle-class families, have decided to ram these wholesale policy changes through the Legislature at the last minute during lame duck session, depending on the votes of Republican legislators who were voted out of office just one month ago. We are seeking to slow the process down with amendments to provide thoughtful and deliberative debate on these issues. “Gov. Rick Snyder and legislative Republicans have added right-to-work to their agenda today which will gut the economic security of middle-class families, their wages and benefits. House Democrats want to be bipartisan. We would love to work together with the other side of the aisle on bills that actually create jobs for Michigan residents. Unfortunately, Republicans have instead chosen to enact what is perhaps the most divisive issue our state has ever seen without any meaningful discussion or review and without allowing any opportunity for citizen input. Elected officials have an obligation to stand up to the Republicans’ political trickery and lack of transparency. “The governor campaigned for office as a supposed moderate. Instead, he has chosen to push legislation that he himself has called too divisive for our state. The consequence is that Michigan is now on track to become a low-wage, low-prosperity state similar to Alabama and Mississippi. “This is not what the voters supported in November and not what they want to see out of their elected officials — citizens want to see jobs, fair wages and benefits. House Democrats have always and will always stand up for working families of this great state.”