“I understand the frustration expressed by many residents yesterday. The Proposal 1 vote is a clear repudiation from voters all across the political spectrum.

“Michiganders are rightfully frustrated that Gov. Rick Snyder and the Republican-controlled Legislature continue to disproportionately shoulder low and middle-income families with the responsibility of funding state and local government.

“We need to look to Minnesota as our example, not Indiana. To lead on this issue, I’ve been meeting with residents and stakeholders to discuss my plan to create tax equality by enacting a graduated income tax, which would cut taxes for 95 percent of Michiganders and increase revenue by $560 to $760 million per year by asking the top 1 percent to pay their fair share.

“Michiganders are ready for tax equality. They’re ready to ask the top 1 percent to pay their fair share and disrupt that group’s special deal.”