My mom, a UAW widow, has several prescriptions, and like many seniors on a fixed income, she worries about the price of these drugs.  It’s wrong to gouge her, or any other senior citizen, just because drug companies can get away with it.  These companies used tax payer dollars to develop these drugs.  It’s not asking too much that they limit their extravagant profits to do what’s right. It’s outrageous that a drug company making billions in profits was able to charge $500 for Epi-Pens that only cost $30 to make. My people deserve better than to struggle every month with decisions like whether or not they can buy their prescriptions, or pay the electric bill. This legislation is going to change that. The seniors and families of Michigan need to know that someone is fighting for them, and that’s why we’ve introduced this plan. We want them to know that Michigan Democrats stand firmly on their side.