LANSING — Since early September, work has stopped on road projects throughout the state as a result of a contractor initiated work lock-out. This delay has exacerbated the Downriver community’s already crumbling roads as a result of years mismanagement and underfunding. In response, state Rep. Darrin Camilleri (D-Brownstown Township) issued the following statement:


“As anyone who drives through Downriver can see, the current MITA road work lock out has brought many parts of our community to a grinding halt. Small businesses are affected, parents can't get their kids to school on time, and traffic is stretching for miles. We deserve better. I implore the governor to do his job during the meeting between all parties scheduled for later this week, and to bring everyone together so we can stop wasting taxpayer dollars and get our communities up and running again. The longer this goes on, the more our communities will pay the price of bureaucratic inaction – when we are already paying more at the pump and more in registration fees, that’s simply unacceptable. It's time to get the job done.”