“Responsible tax relief for working families must be a top priority for legislators in Lansing. There was nothing responsible about this bill, which would have given an enormous tax cut to millionaires and billionaires that would have been funded by dramatic cuts to townships and cities across our state. That’s why I offered an amendment to House Bill 4001 that would have ensured tax relief for the working men and women who need it most while providing greater stability for our local governments. And although my amendment was not adopted, the defeat of the bill means we won’t have to endure funding cuts that threaten our police and fire departments, further underfund our public schools, and neglect our crumbling roads and bridges.

“The House Democratic tax cut plans prioritize working families, and we will continue to fight to see it passed into law. I remain committed to middle-class tax relief, keeping in mind my obligation to support the communities that working families call home.”