LANSING — Today, thousands of CWA union members in five states, including Michigan, went on strike to protest AT&T’s unfair labor practices. In response, state Rep. Erika Geiss (D-Taylor) issued the following statement:

“Working people are the backbone of this nation, and when we join together in union, we build economic security for all people — just as we built the automobile and the American middle class. The Communications Workers of America are fighting for the same things every working family across the state and country are fighting for — affordable health care, job security and the freedom a good-paying job can provide. AT&T is breaking their promises. They promised to put increased profits from the recent tax scheme into jobs here at home, but to date, they have cut nearly 400 jobs. They promised to bargain in good faith, but they chose to go around the elected bargaining group. When the workers stood up for themselves, AT&T tried to smear them in the media.

“It is vital that people are able to afford the care they need and be able to provide for themselves and their families. The rules have been rigged unfairly in AT&T’s favor, and it’s time someone stood up for everyday Michiganders.  I stand in solidarity with the workers who have taken measures to show this massive corporation that they’re human beings who deserve to be treated with respect and dignity by their employer.”