"The School Aid Omnibus budget bill that passed out of committee this morning does not do right by our students. The Republican majority has used this budget, as they have other department budgets, to carve out money to give a tax cut to their wealthy friends instead of ensuring that our kids get a good education to prepare them for the future. My House Democratic colleagues and I will fight to change this budget to make sure that our students have the resources they need — the books, supplies and classroom technology — to learn. We offered an alternative School Aid budget that took care of our at-risk students by fully funding at-risk programs. Without these programs we risk seeing these students drop out of school and fail to reach their full potential. Our proposal supports career technical education programs so that our students are prepared for the jobs of the future and can earn a good living to support themselves. We would fund STEM education and encourage our young men and women students to work hard and consider careers in science, math and technology. Education is the doorway to the middle class for our kids. My Democratic colleagues and I will not rest, and we will continue fighting for a better school aid budget that makes sure our students have the resources they need to be successful in school, college and the workforce.”