Despite our best efforts to fight for the people of Michigan, my House Democratic colleagues and I are extremely disappointed in the budgets that have passed out of the House Appropriations Committee. Drastic funding cuts are being made across the board to desperately needed services, so House Republicans have room to give massive tax breaks to their wealthy friends. We all know that Michigan families are in desperate need of tax relief, but this is not the way to go about doing it. We cannot decimate critical programs like Meals on Wheels or the Michigan Conservation Corps, or continue to slash revenue sharing and other funds for local municipalities, and expect people to want to live in Michigan. House Democrats understand that budgetary support for public services like police and fire protection are critical not only to providing for the people who live here now, but to ensure that Michigan continues to be a welcoming and inviting state in the future. Our priority is always to serve the people, not wealthy special interests, so we will continue fighting to see a budget that puts their needs first