DETROIT — Yesterday, the state Unemployment Insurance Agency revealed that 1100 Michiganders filed bankruptcy after being falsely accused of fraud by the faulty MiDAS computer system. Last year, Democrats introduced several proposal to provide resources to those individuals falsely accused of fraud to make them whole, but each proposal was rejected. In response to this report, state Rep. Fred Durhal III (D-Detroit) issued the following statement:

“I am both heartbroken and appalled at what these families have been made to suffer due to a faulty computer program. Heartbroken because I cannot imagine the devastation each family must have felt, losing everything they had due to an accusation they knew was false, and appalled because we’ve yet to make these families whole. My Democratic colleagues and I have consistently fought to see this wrong righted by returning the money the UIA stole from these families, yet our proposals have been consistently rejected. Our state caused the problem. It’s time we solved it.”