LANSING — Today, state Rep. Jeremy Moss (D-Southfield) voted against the Michigan House of Representatives’ general and school omnibus budgets for fiscal year 2018-19. In response, state Rep. Moss issued the following statement:


“A state budget worth voting for is a budget that reflects the values and priorities of the people of Michigan. This budget doesn’t do that. Instead of addressing the pressing problems of our state, this budget kicks the can down Michigan’s unsafe and crumbling roads until next year. That’s not good enough. We’re all tired of driving down roads that are disintegrating beneath us and bridges that are sometimes literally coming apart at the seams. At the same time, we missed an opportunity to start rebuilding municipal governments by increasing statutory revenue sharing, so that local communities can hire more police officers and firefighters, so that we can increase senior programming and so that we can make our hometowns places where families will want to buy homes and new businesses want to open up. The budgets before the House today didn’t come close to being budgets that could build a better Michigan for everyone, and I couldn’t support them.”