LANSING — Since early September, work has stopped on road work projects throughout the state as a result of a contractor initiated work lock-out. This work stoppage has exacerbated Macomb County’s already crumbling roads as a result of years mismanagement and underfunding. In response, state Rep. John Chirkun (D-Roseville) issued the following statement:

“Our roads are a mess and the repairs that have started need to be done on time before I- 696 and other roads get even worse. Families just want to get these roads fixed so we can stop worrying about popping tires and destroying our vehicles, but instead, this contractor work stoppage makes it harder for people to get to their job, to school or a doctor’s appointment. The contractors and union need to come together to find a solution, or Gov. Snyder and MDOT officials must hold the contractors accountable and impose fines and penalties for any unnecessary delays.”