LANSING — Gov. Rick Snyder gave his final State of the State Address tonight. In response, state Rep. Kevin Hertel (D-St. Clair Shores) issued the following response:

“Michiganders are concerned about creating good jobs and improving the education system that will train students for them. However, the governor and the Republican majority legislators in the state House and Senate haven’t carried through on their promises that tax breaks for businesses and expanding school choice would make those concerns reality. We need to do more to protect our workers by preventing wage theft, continuing to mend the Unemployment Insurance Agency, and protecting our prevailing wage laws. We need to refocus on the basics of what makes a great education so no matter their zip code, our students will be able to succeed in the postsecondary schooling of their choice and continue on to gainful employment. We need to stop pretending that we can continue on the reckless path of underfunding education and removing protections for workers and sustain a viable economy. The half-hearted promises in his final State of the State address don’t make up for systematic failures over the past seven years.  Michigan families are counting on us to do better.”